About the Run

What is a Virtual Run?

A virtual run is one that you register for online and can complete at your own pace and place (within the event period) – be it outside or within your home. For Coway Run 2021, the distance you cover will be tracked via the Strava fitness app and your progress synced with your Coway Run account.

Who is eligible to take part in Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region?

All Malaysians and non-Malaysians currently residing in Malaysia may participate as long as you are 16 years old and above as of 23 September 2021.

Is Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region in support of a charitable cause?

Yes. RM10 from each Coway Run 2021 ticket purchase will be donated to Coway’s Happy Water Project, which provides underprivileged communities with clean drinking water.

Additionally, when runners collectively reach the nationwide goal of 200,000KM covered, Coway will donate RM200,000 to an NGO.

Is Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region timed?

Coway Run 2021 is not a timed event. However, you are encouraged to run as many KM as you can to contribute to your regional team’s total from 23 September to 31 October 2021.

You will also earn virtual Achievement Badges whenever you reach a milestone or complete a specific objective.

You are encouraged to run at a pace and length of time suited to your comfort or fitness level, be it at home or in a safe location, while adhering to all prevalent physical distancing measures.

What if I am pregnant?

As the health of each individual varies, please consult with your doctor before engaging in strenuous activity. For certain conditions, it may be advisable to accumulate KM by walking at a moderate pace instead of running.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Since Coway Run 2021 is a virtual event happening from 23 September to 31 October, you are free to run whenever conditions are most favourable, or run indoors in the safety of home.

The organisers cannot be held responsible for any untoward incidents that may befall you as a result of bad weather or unsafe outdoor conditions.

We kindly remind all participants to please follow prevalent physical distancing guidelines whenever running outdoors.

What web or app platform is Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region using?

Coway Run 2021 will be using an app platform called Strava to ensure a seamless experience for participants.

All participants will be required to download the Strava app and link the app to their Coway Run account.

You will need to create your Coway Run account during the registration process when purchasing tickets.


How can I register for the Run?

You can register and buy tickets HERE from now until 31 October 2021.

How do I make payment?

You can pay by credit card / debit card / e-wallet via the iPay88 portal, which you will be directed to completing the registration form of the Coway Run website.

Our iPay88 currently accepts the following payment methods:

Credit / Debit card:
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • unionPay
Online banking:
  • Affinbank
  • Agrobank
  • Alliance Bank
  • Ambank
  • Bank Islam
  • Bank Rakyat
  • BSN
  • CIMB Clicks
  • HongLeong Connect
  • HSBC
  • Kuwait Finance House
  • Maybank2U
  • OCBC Bank
  • Public Bank
  • RHB
  • Standard Chartered
  • UOB
  • Bank Muamalat
Buy Now, Pay Later:
  • mobypay

    Note: When selecting this payment method, you will need to have an existing mobypay account to enjoy the 3-monthly instalment (the monthly instalment amount will be auto-set).

If you do not have an existing mobypay account, don’t worry as you will be prompt to sign up an account when you select this payment method. During the sign-up process, you would need to approve the auto debit for the instalment on the registered bank account and you will be charged directly when payment is due.
  • Boost
  • GrabPay
  • MCash
  • ShopeePay
  • TouchnGo eWallet

Note: Unfortunately we do not accept AMEX.

How will I know if my online registration is successful?

For Individual Ticket Purchase:

You will receive a confirmation email upon your successful registration, which will be sent to your registered email address.

The email will also include a link to download the Strava app (if you have not done so yet).

Once you have registered on Strava, you will need to go to your profile page on the Coway Run website and sync your Strava with your Coway Run account.

If I cannot make it for the Run, can I get a refund or withdraw/transfer/defer my participation?

All tickets purchased are final (non-transferable and non-deferrable). However, in special circumstances, a refund request can be made by contacting us. Special circumstances that are only valid as the following:

  1. Merchandise is damaged
  2. Package Loss
  3. Duplication of Payment

If a refund request is accepted, you will receive a refund, deducting any processing or management fees that have been incurred, including (but not limited to) credit card processing fees, SST, etc.

We offer free replacement for merchandise that is damaged. Any refund request for damaged items must be submitted within 1 week after the merchandise has been received.

For package loss, all claims must be submitted no later than 6 weeks after the dispatch date. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.

We will do our best to solve any issues you may face. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Note that the refund conditions and approval are at the organizer’s discretion. All decisions made are final.

Can I make changes to my personal particulars after confirmation of my registration?

No, you cannot make any changes to your personal details.

So please note that names of participants and apparel sizes are final once registered and changes cannot be made.

Can I change t-shirt sizes after purchasing tickets?

To be fair to other participants as there are limited t-shirts available, no changes will be allowed after a purchase is made.

Strava & App Synchronisation

What is Strava?

Strava is a fitness app that turns your phone into a running and cycling ‘computer’ to track your movements and activity. It works with GPS watches and head units as well.

For this event, it will allow you to record the distance you have covered when you register and sync your Strava app with your Coway Run account.

How do I download Strava?

Step 1: Open your device’s app store:

Step 2: Search for “Strava”

Step 3: Download the app

How do I register an account on Strava?

To sync your Strava app to your Coway Run account, you first have to create an account on Strava. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Strava app and sign up via Facebook or Google. You can also sign up by entering your email address.

Step 2: Fill in your details and select “Sign Up”.

Step 3: You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account.

Once confirmed, you have successfully registered for a Strava account and will be able to edit your profile page on the app.

How do I connect my Strava account to my Coway Run account?

You can do so in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Log in and go to your profile page on Coway Run website

Step 2: On your profile page, click Connect to Strava

Step 3: Log in accordingly on the Strava login page

Step 4: Click Authorize to allow Strava permission to connect with your Coway Run account. Once authorized, it should automatically be connected.

Note: For these steps to work, please ensure you already have a registered account on Strava.

Do I have to go on to Strava app before every run?

Yes. Before every run, remember to turn on your Strava app and start a session.

Once you’ve completed the run, remember to end your session.

How do I sync my Strava data to my Coway Run account?

Once you’ve finished your run on Strava, remember to go to your Profile Page and click on the SYNC button to sync your data.

Failure to do this will mean your data captured on Strava is not reflected on your Coway Run account.

Can I sync other fitness app to Strava and use it to track my distance/KM?

Yes, you can but ensure it is one of the compatible apps listed below.

For the step-by-step guide for each app synchronization, click on the respective link below:

If your app is not shown in this list, then unfortunately your app is not compatible with Strava. Rest assured, you can use Strava to collect your distance/KM.

For HUAWEI and HONOR users, though you may not be able to download the STRAVA app directly to your mobile. However, you are still able to create your STRAVA account and sync your chosen fitness app via the web browser (access the web browser website from this link: https://www.strava.com/).

If I have any issues with Strava, who do I contact?
Please email us at [email protected]

Coway Run Kit Delivery

What merchandise will I be receiving?

All participants of Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region will receive a COWAY RUN KIT after successful registration, which consists of a Foldable Bag, Sunscreen, Official Run T-shirt, Shoe Laces, Socks, Iron-on Patches and Medal.

When will I receive my Coway Run Kit?

You will receive your Coway Run Kit around 3 weeks after your ticket purchased date.

Please expect some delays in delivery for Malaysia addresses due to the ongoing pandemic.

Can I physically collect my Coway Run Kit?

No. As we still need adhere to the SOP for RMCO/FMCO/MCO, all Coway Run Kits will only be delivered through mail. There will be no physical location where you can collect the kit.

Hence, please ensure that you fill in the correct mailing address during registration, and that you are available to receive the Kits when they are delivered to your location.

My Coway Run Kit never reached my doorstep. Can I get a replacement?

If you do not receive your Kit or face a delivery issue, please email us at [email protected]

What are the T-shirt sizes and measurements?

Please refer to the chart below:

T-shirts sizes are limited, do note that returns and exchanges will not be entertained.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please email your questions to [email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Rules & Regulations

Eligibility and Registration
  • Runners must be registered participants of Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region to receive the Run Kits and qualify to win prizes.
  • Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region is open to both citizens and non-citizens residing in Malaysia, above the age of 16 years old as of 23 September 2021.
  • All tickets purchased are final (non-transferable, non-refundable and non-deferrable).
How does Coway Run 2021 work?


  • To take part in Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region, you will need to select one of 5 Regional Teams while registering.
  • You have 1 month (23 Sept - 23 Oct) to accumulate as many KM as you can, which will contribute to your Regional Team’s total KM.
  • The winning Regional Team will be decided based on the highest average distance covered per runner.


  • As an added reward for active participation, you can earn virtual Achievement Badges every time you reach a 5KM checkpoint.
  • There will be a total of 10 virtual Badges you can earn with a total distance of 50KM.


  • Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region uses the Strava fitness app to collect and record the distance you have covered during the Run period. Using any other app will not allow you to capture your Coway Run activity.
  • To sync your Strava data with your Coway Run account, you have to click ‘SYNC’ on your Strava profile page.
  • Please ensure you turn on your Strava app before every run. Failing to do so will result in the distance covered not being recorded.

Official Merchant

Who is the official merchant for Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region?

The official merchant for Coway Run 2021: Run For Your Region is:

  • Company full name: The Hot Shoe Show & Co. Sdn Bhd
  • Company registration number: 156937-V
  • Company address: No 24, Jalan SS25/22, Taman Mayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya.
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact number: 03-78038898

However, should there be any enquiries regarding Coway Run 2021, please contact [email protected]