Run For Good

Coway Happy Water Project With every KM, you
can change the lives
of communities
in need

Every year, thousands of participants help us change lives for the better. In line with the United Nations Development Goals of Clean Water and Sanitation, we intend to keep this initiative going – with your help.

For every successful registration, Coway will contribute RM10 to Happy Water Project, which aids indigenous communities threatened by tainted water sources. The project not only delivers clean drinking water but also provides people with the means to assemble their own makeshift filters as a longer-term sustainable solution to their problem.

To date, with the help of Coway Runners, we have raised a total value of RM888,160. Who knows what amazing things we’ll keep achieving together?


Although many Malaysians have stable access to clean running water, there are still some communities whose water source is dangerously polluted by rampant logging or overdevelopment. The Orang Asli who live in remote areas must rely on the nearest rivers or lakes to accommodate their daily water needs. But for many of them, the water that they use for drinking, cooking or cleaning are unsanitary for living standards.

We believe that clean water should be a basic human right of every Malaysian, regardless of their status and background. And that is why we appreciate your support in making a change to the lives of the marginalised


As of today, we are in 2 million homes in Malaysia. And it’s made possible by both our incredible Coway family and our customers.

Riding on that spirit of togetherness, we want to give something back to the community, especially in challenging times like these. When we work (and run) together, we can truly change lives.

When all our Coway Runners achieve the 200,000KM National Goal, you unlock RM200,000 that we will donate to EcoKnights, MERCY Malaysia, and Reef Check Malaysia. 

Join Coway Run now and put on your running shoes. Every step you take will bring us closer to unlocking thousands of RM for your thousands of KM!



To pave the way for a cleaner nation, Coway is collaborating with EcoKnights in the Guardians Against Garbage (GAG) programme. It aims to enhance community waste management through the Community Action on Recycling & Education (CARE) station and keep shared public spaces clean via initiatives like river log boom clean-ups and Plogging.

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MERCY Malaysia
MERCY Malaysia

Coway is expanding efforts to help more Malaysians get access to clean drinking water. This year, we’re aiding MERCY Malaysia’s water supply, sanitation facilities and hygiene improvement (WASH) programmes to amplify our commitment to changing more lives.

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Reef Check Malaysia
Reef Check Malaysia

Coral reefs are vital to a diverse, well-balanced marine ecosystem. Together with Reef Check Malaysia, we’re helping to conserve Malaysia’s natural heritage with the goal of protecting and improving the quality of our environment.

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This year, Coway Run is going green with our merchandise! Wherever possible, our Run Kit gear is

  • Made of recycled or replanted materials
  • Can be recycled after usage
  • Is reusable

In taking this first step towards being more eco-friendly, we hope to encourage Coway Runners to be environmentally friendly in all that we do. With each small action we can change our community, country and planet for the better.